FVR Glossary

Algorithm – a step-by-step procedure for calculations.  Algorithms are used for calculation, data processing, and automated reasoning.  In a forest value recovery sense they can be used to optimise log grades from stems, or to audit log maker performance.

Optimisation – finding “best available” values of some objective function given a defined domain.  In forest harvest, marketing, cutting and selling your most valuable possible combination of logs for maximum revenue is effected by optimisation.

StanForD – is a standard for communication between computers in forest machines.  Skogforsk in Sweden is responsible for the development and maintenance of the standard. StanForD is an abbreviation for Standard for Forest machine Data and Communication. Today StanForD is used in several countries and constitutes a de-facto standard even though it has not been afforded any official status. The application of the standard extends to all types of data communications with forest machines.

STICKS – is an independent analysis and reporting tool that works with electronic production and calibration data from all StanForD compatible forestry machines.