Improve your forest fortunes with better forest value recovery practices.

James Powrie started work with the NZ Forest Service in 1984.  He has since worked in harvesting, environment, inventory, land restoration, research, roading, export, logistics, log and stumpage sales, harvest planning, carbon forestry and procurement.  He is a partner in an FSC certified forest in NZ which is due for harvest in 2023.Atmanukasm

His passion is extracting all possible value from forests – and helping others to do the same.  He is writing the Forest Value Recovery Manual which will go to print in 2020.

James is available to assist you in planning successful value recovery from your forest harvest and to host tours of the NZ forest industry.

James Powrie B.For.Sc (Hons) – Director

PO Box 12222 Ahuriri, Napier 4144, New Zealand +64 272 757757   |   |

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