What is Forest Value Recovery?

Forest Value Recovery practises promote best returns from forest harvest.   The term embraces the disciplines, decisions, tools and actions for turning a forest into money in an optimal way.

As a forest owner or investor, your margins will depend on best value recovery practises and operational efficiencies.  Your providers’ margins will likely depend on daily production, and if so, that is where their focus will be.  At best, they will be a little less interested in forest value recovery than you are.  So you will need to lead correct processes to achieve your preferred outcome.

CSFVRBackgroundmed.jpgIt will pay you to focus on forest value recovery, to educate yourself about it and put your own plans in place to capture all possible value from your forest investment.  The principles are the same for 5 acres or 5 million.

A well designed and executed forest value recovery plan is the basis for any successful forest harvest.  This is essential whether you engage a forestry giant, or a cowboy, his one chainsaw, and two dogs to harvest your forest.  In any case, you will only do best if you take ownership of the value recovery process, and plan and monitor operations to ensure they serve your intentions and not someone else’s.

The prize of better forest value recovery is a golden one.  You can choose to:

  • Harvest less forest and still make budget, or;
  • Harvest what you planned and make more money.

Optimal forest value recovery starts with you, and your plan.  This site is designed to inform and support you in successful forest harvest.   Our aim is to improve the value of forests everywhere through better understanding of forest value recovery principles and resulting better practices.

Contact us for help with initiating your own plans for more profitable forest harvesting.

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